What is scott’s law

Why is it called Scott’s Law?

Scott’s law is intended to protect emergency personnel from motorists at emergency scenes and is named after Chicago Fire Lieutenant Scott Gillen who was struck and killed Dec. 23, 2000 while responding to a traffic accident.

What are the 3 steps of Scott’s Law?


Slow down; • Drive with caution; and • Move over to another lane. Reduce speed if changing lanes is unsafe.

When was Scott’s law passed?


Is Scott’s Law a moving violation?

Scott’s Law is typically charged as a petty traffic offense and moving violation.

Do you have to pull over for an unmarked police car in Illinois?

Initiate Pursuit. According to the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, unmarked police vehicles “may not initiate a pursuit without the authorization of a supervisor.” The exception to this rule is if there is a immediate threat to life or limb if the suspect is not apprehended.

Is it a law to pull over for a funeral procession in Illinois?

ILLINOIS: Illinois law gives funeral processions the right-of-way at intersections when headlights are lit. The lead vehicle must comply with stop signs and traffic lights, but once it has done so, all the following vehicles can proceed without stopping, provided they exercise due caution. … 625 Ill. Comp.

Do you have to pull over for an ambulance in Illinois?

Illinois law requires motorists to pull to the right, and off the side of the road if possible, and slow down to stop until emergency vehicles have passed. This applies to those approaching from behind and those coming toward you.

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What are the penalties for not following Scott’s Law?

-The minimum fine for violating Scott’s Law will increase from $100 to $250 for the first violation, and $750 for the second violation. -Those who violate Scott’s Law and cause an injury or death will be charged with a Class 4 felony.

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