What is basic law

What is the basic principle behind the Basic Law?

The Basic Law states that the “ultimate aim” is for the chief executive to be selected by “universal suffrage upon nomination by a broadly representative nominating committee”. This means that many in Hong Kong feel they were promised a level of democracy that has not been delivered.

Is the Basic Law a constitution?

Consequently, the Basic Law can be seen as an expression of constitutional law – but it is not, itself, a constitution.

Who wrote the Basic Law?

Hong Kong Basic LawBasic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of ChinaCreated4 April 1990Date effective1 July 1997Author(s)Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting CommitteeSignatoriesYang Shangkun, President of the People’s Republic of China

When was the basic law created?

The Basic Law was formally promulgated on 4 April 1990 by the NPC, together with the designs for the flag and emblem of the HKSAR.

What is Hong Kong government type?

Head of government

The Basic Law designates a system of governance led by a Chief Executive and an Executive Council, with a two-tiered system of semi-representative government and an independent judiciary.

Why is Hong Kong called SAR?

Hong Kong became a SAR because of a contract it entered into with the Chinese government in Beijing called the Basic Law.5 мая 2019 г.

Is Hong Kong a part of China?

The whole territory was transferred to China in 1997. As a special administrative region, Hong Kong maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China under a principle of “one country, two systems”. … Hong Kong is a highly developed territory and ranks fourth on the UN Human Development Index.

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Does Hong Kong follow Chinese law?

Hong Kong’s legal system was developed under British governance, based on the English common law. … The Hong Kong Basic Law, which is a law passed by the Chinese National People’s Congress, came into effect in 1997, becoming the constitutional document in Hong Kong.

What freedoms does Hong Kong have?

These rights and freedoms include:

  • equality before the law;
  • permanent residents’ right to vote and to stand for election in accordance with law;
  • freedom of speech, of the press and of publication;
  • freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration;

How does Hong Kong politics work?

The politics of Hong Kong takes place in a framework of a political system dominated by its quasi-constitutional document, the Hong Kong Basic Law, its own legislature, the Chief Executive as the head of government and of the Special Administrative Region and of a politically constrained multi-party system.

How are laws made in Hong Kong?

The Chief Executive promulgates the law enacted by the Legislative Council (i.e. the Ordinance) through publication in the Gazette. … Under Article 17 of the Basic Law, laws enacted by the Legislative Council must be reported by the Government to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for the record.

Which is the basic law of the country?

In countries with uncodified constitutions, basic law is the denomination of a law providing constitutional powers. In Germany basic law (“Grundgesetz”) is the name given to the codified constitution.

What is the main law of the country?

[20] South African law consists of the Constitution which is the supreme law of the country, legislation (acts of the national and provincial legislatures, and governmental regulations), judicial precedent, the common law (rules developed by previous decisions of superior courts, and rules and principles discussed in …

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