Which Branch Enforces Laws?

The President, numerous advisors to the President, and the other departments and agencies make up the executive branch of government. This division is in charge of ensuring that the laws of the nation are followed. The following is a list of organizations and agencies that fall under the executive branch: The President’s Executive Office (Executive Office) (White House)

Which branch of government enforces the law?

Which part of the government is responsible for carrying out the law? a. the legislative chamber Darlposlarmajohn is looking forward to receiving your assistance. Include your response here to win points. Explanation: Because our laws are mostly enforced by the Executive Branch of our government. Have you found the solution you were looking for on this page?

What are the 4 branches of government in the US?

Legislative, Executive, Judicial. The laws that govern our country are drafted by our country’s Legislative Branch. Our laws are upheld by the Executive Branch of the United States Government. Which two components make up our nation’s Congress?

What does the judicial branch do in the United States?

The United States Government’s Courts and Judicial System The judicial branch is responsible for deciding whether or not laws violate the Constitution, interpreting the meaning of laws, and applying laws to particular circumstances. The Supreme Court as well as the lower federal courts are included in its membership.

What does the executive branch do in the US?

The Executive Department. The laws are carried out and enforced by the executive arm of government. It is comprised of the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, the Executive Departments, the Independent Agencies, and several other boards, commissions, and committees.

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