What does invoke mean in law

What does it mean to invoke something?

verb (used with object), in·voked, in·vok·ing. to call for with earnest desire; make supplication or pray for: to invoke God’s mercy. to call on (a deity, Muse, etc.), as in prayer or supplication. to declare to be binding or in effect: to invoke the law; to invoke a veto.

What does invoke mean as it relates to law?

Legal Definition of invoke

1 : to appeal to as furnishing authority or motive. 2 : to put into legal effect or call for the observance of : enforce invoking his Fifth Amendment privilege. 3 : to introduce or put into operation invoking economic sanctions.

How do you use the word invoke?

Invoke sentence examples

  1. An accused slave could not invoke the aid of the tribunes. …
  2. His incompetent leadership made it necessary for the rebels to invoke the help of France. …
  3. The mere credens could at best invoke the living saint, and ask him to pray for him. …
  4. He is the patron of Brie, and gardeners invoke him as their protector.

What does do not invoke mean?

To invoke is to call up something such as a law, a higher power, or even a ghost. In court, you might invoke the Fifth Amendment (the right not to say something that will make you look bad) if you don’t want to talk. You could invoke Martin Luther King when talking about equal rights. …

What is another word for invoke?

What is another word for invoke?petitionsolicitbeseechentreatsupplicatebegimploreimportuneconjurerequest

What is another word for evoke?

Some common synonyms of evoke are educe, elicit, extort, and extract.

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What is the difference between invoke and evoke?

The difference between the two could be summarised like this: Invoke is active and direct, and it can have a material effect; Evoke is passive and indirect, and it usually has an emotional or intellectual effect.

What does it mean to evoke emotion?

The verb evoke most commonly means to bring a feeling, memory, or picture into the mind. When you visit your old elementary school, the smells, sounds, and colors there can evoke memories from the past.

What does in vogue mean?

phrase. If something is in vogue, it is very popular and fashionable.

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