The Laws Of Time Are Mine Doctor Who?

The phrase ″The Laws of Time Are Mine″ is a popular internet meme that makes reference to the British television program Doctor Who. This catchphrase is spoken by the character known as ″The Doctor,″ and it is frequently used for a variety of gags relating to time, including ″Daylight Savings Time.″

What is the law of time in doctor who?

In accordance with one of the Laws of Time, all Time Lords took an oath to thwart any kind of alien assault that may be construed as posing a risk to the local populace. (The Hand of Fear, on Television) The Doctor justified himself by saying that he could only stop ″outside meddling″ in history, despite the fact that he was criticized for intervening in the past so frequently.

What are the laws of time?

The Time Lords were required to abide by a set of guidelines known as the Laws of Time, which were also known as the Protocols of the Great Houses (PROSE: The Book of the War).These guidelines governed how they may utilize their ability to travel across time.(On television, several episodes of The Three Doctors) The structure of the Spiral Politic was designed to ensure compliance with these regulations at all times.

Is the Doctor a defender or defender of the laws of time?

During his seventh and eighth incarnations, the Doctor gave a speech in which he claimed to be the ″Defender of the Laws of Time.″ (On television: ″Remembering the Daleks″; in print: ″Vampire Science″)

What is the first law of time in Star Trek?

The First Law of Time, often known as Linearity, was the Protocol that received the most attention and was considered to be the most significant. The Three Doctors on television. (WRITING: Chapters from the Book of the War) It prevented the present of Gallifrey from engaging with the past or future of its own subjective experience.

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